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kalena // san francisco bay area portrait photographer

I met Kalena months ago at a dinner with a bunch of wedding photographers from all over the country. A few of them were visiting San Francisco & since we had only met each other online (thanks to a wonderful Facebook community group of photographers), we were able to finally meet in person. Although Kalena is not a photographer, she opened her bay area home to the out-of-town guests & happily joined us for dinner. And anyone who can hold their own in the midst of a group of wedding photographers talking photo talk is amazing in my book. But Kalena was able to chime right in to our conversation due to her job as a wedding and event coordinator.

This past Sunday, I met up with Kalena again in downtown Burlingame for a photo session. Kalena was looking for updated photos, as the most recent photos she has of herself were her engagement photos, and she’s already married! She mentioned her nervousness in being in front of the camera & I can totally relate. But her nerves were calmed as we just hung out, walked around town & talked about life.

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Kalena, thank you so much for spending the evening with me! I hope you see the beauty I see in these photos.


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