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baby boykin // sacramento maternity photographer

I’m still not sure how 8 months went by so fast. I feel like it was just yesterday that my sister Malenda and brother-in-law Robert (aka Beto) told me I was going to be a “tia”. And here we are, 8 months later, getting closer and closer to meeting Baby Boykin. Not only are they waiting to find out the gender, I’m sure they’re also excited to know if Baby Boykin will be born on one of their birthdays… Malenda’s birthday is on August 3rd, and Beto’s birthday is on August 11th. Add to that, my parents’ wedding anniversary is on Malenda’s birthday. Needless to say, we’ll have a lot to celebrate next month.

I’m so glad Malenda and Beto let me take photos of them in Capitol Park during this time. I’m hoping these photos will mean as much to them as they mean to me.

BoykinMaternityPhotos7.4.13-4 BoykinMaternityPhotos7.4.13-9 BoykinMaternityPhotos7.4.13-15 BoykinMaternityPhotos7.4.13-18 BoykinMaternityPhotos7.4.13-21 BoykinMaternityPhotos7.4.13-28 BoykinMaternityPhotos7.4.13-31 BoykinMaternityPhotos7.4.13-36 BoykinMaternityPhotos7.4.13-37 BoykinMaternityPhotos7.4.13-42 BoykinMaternityPhotos7.4.13-43 BoykinMaternityPhotos7.4.13-44 BoykinMaternityPhotos7.4.13-47 BoykinMaternityPhotos7.4.13-49 BoykinMaternityPhotos7.4.13-58 BoykinMaternityPhotos7.4.13-64 BoykinMaternityPhotos7.4.13-67 BoykinMaternityPhotos7.4.13-71

I love you both so much!!


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