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caleb + jenny // guerneville wedding photographer

As we drove from SF to Guerneville, I had excited nerves, as is usual for any wedding. But once Danielle (of D. Lillian Photography) and I arrived at Dawn Ranch Lodge, I knew it would be a fantastic day. The location was gorgeous. The weather was beautiful. And the guests were relaxed. Caleb and Jenny’s family and friends were spending the entire wedding weekend at the lodge, and most of their guests were poolside while the wedding party was getting ready.

As the day progressed, you could feel the genuine love that surrounded this union. As I watched Caleb and Jenny’s families become moved to tears of joy more than once, it was clear why I had such a great time shooting this wedding. It wasn’t the location, the flowers, or the beautiful table settings. It was the love and happiness that emanated from the newlyweds, and I was happy to have been a small part of it.

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It was hard to leave the wedding, especially as the 80’s band Tainted Love was just getting started, but the freshly baked mini sprinkled donuts, made the drive a bit easier. 🙂

Danielle, I’m sure I sound like a broken record by now, but I can’t thank you enough for having me join you in shooting this wedding.

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