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gary + michael // northern california lgbtq wedding photographer

Instead of getting married in the busy Bay Area, Gary and Michael opted for a location that felt more like a home than a wedding venue; a place off the beaten path; and the Wedgewood Sequoia Mansion in Placerville was a perfect host for their Fall nuptials, complete with all the bright-colored Fall leaves.

Upon arriving at the mansion and seeing all the wedding details carefully placed throughout, Gary and Michael shared some alone time to calm their excited nerves before their guests began arriving. And as they sipped champagne and took photos, it began to sink in that today was the day they would become husbands, and the emotions came willingly.

After a beautiful ceremony, the rest of the night was filled with laughs, heartfelt toasts, vogueing, and even a lip sync to “Hello” by Adele. Oh, yes, you read that right. Overall, it was important to Gary and Michael that their family and friends let loose and have fun, and everyone certainly did.

Gary and Michael, I just adore you! Thanks for opening your hearts to me, and trusting me 100%!


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