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paul + jocelyn // san francisco engagement photographer

From the very beginning, Paul & Jocelyn both admitted that they were not the type of couple who likes to be in front of a camera. They were nervous at the thought of being the primary focus of a photo shoot, but still knew the importance of capturing this time in their lives. As someone who also doesn’t feel comfortable in front of the camera, I understood those nerves, and explained that I would do my best to make them feel comfortable, letting who they are as a couple shine through.

So, we decided to hang out on Bernal Hill for their engagement session, and as we walked around, enjoying the city from above, Paul & Jocelyn’s nerves began to fade, making my job easy. From behind the camera, I could see just how smitten Jocelyn is with Paul, and how Paul is so proud to be embarking on a lifelong journey alongside Jocelyn. They’ve had a whirlwind romance and it is clear that they are so happy to have found their partner in life.

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Paul & Jocelyn, I enjoyed spending time with you, talking about everything from family gatherings and tattoos to a Golden Girls themed bridal shower. You both have such kind hearts, and I’m looking forward to your wedding day in less than two weeks!


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