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Goodbye 2015

The last few months of my 2015 seemed to move at lightning speed. On top of my day job and spending time with family, I photographed a few more weddings, talked to couples about 2016 weddings, and fulfilled a dream of mine by traveling to India on a photo field trip. I’m sure I could bore you with all the details that kept me busy, and make it seem like there’s never enough time to do all the things I want to do, but I know I’m not alone in this. You already know how fast time flies. So, I have a ton of pretty images that I’ve been keeping to myself and am excited to share with you all. Soon, I promise. But until then, here are a few sneak peaks from my Fall 2015…

Malka & Jenna’s Wedding in Oakland

CristalVeronicaPhotos2015-15 CristalVeronicaPhotos2015-14

Matt & Molly’s Wedding in Bolinas
CristalVeronicaPhotos2015-16 CristalVeronicaPhotos2015-7 CristalVeronicaPhotos2015-8

My bestie Gina wed her love, Matt, at City Hall CristalVeronicaPhotos2015-5 CristalVeronicaPhotos2015-6

My sister & brother-in-law’s family photos in Roseville
CristalVeronicaPhotos2015-4 CristalVeronicaPhotos2015-3

Paul & Jocelyn’s Wedding in Berkeley
CristalVeronicaPhotos2015-9 CristalVeronicaPhotos2015-10

Michael & Gary’s Wedding in Placerville
CristalVeronicaPhotos2015-2 CristalVeronicaPhotos2015-1

My trip to Northern India
CristalVeronicaPhotos2015-12 CristalVeronicaPhotos2015-11 CristalVeronicaPhotos2015-13

Capturing each and every one of these images was a blessing. The ability to create art has allowed me to create friendships with amazing people, get a front row seat to beautiful love stories, and travel. And for all of that, I am truly grateful. 2015 was a great year for me & I’m looking forward to all that 2016 will bring.

xoxo, cristal veronica



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