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zoe + lil // san francisco wedding photographer

It was one week before I married my wife. I woke up early and began the day watching Zoe and Lil’s closest friends set up their ceremony in a perfect corner of Golden Gate Park as the gray skies watched from above. Chairs were set, coffee was served, and beautiful pastries were consumed. Before walking into their ceremony hand-in-hand, Zoe and Lil took a quiet moment alone to really feel the gravity of the day ahead of them. Amidst the sounds of nature, their friends and family took turns sharing stories of how the love that Zoe and Lil have for each other doesn’t just live in their two hearts, but also envelops all those who have the pleasure of knowing them. Beautiful emotions and tears were welcomed, and the love surrounding them as they shared their vows was something I will never forget.

Zoe and Lil’s ceremony set the tone for a love-filled day of celebrating the beginning of their lives as a married couple. After spending time together at Sutro Baths, the day ended at Stern Grove with dinner, plenty of dancing and ice cream sandwiches.

Zoe&Lil.Pre-Ceremony.9.6.14-6 Zoe&Lil.Pre-Ceremony.9.6.14-11 Zoe&Lil.Pre-Ceremony.9.6.14-21 Zoe&Lil.Pre-Ceremony.9.6.14-27 Zoe&Lil.Pre-Ceremony.9.6.14-44 Zoe&Lil.Pre-Ceremony.9.6.14-54 Zoe&Lil.Pre-Ceremony.9.6.14-66 Zoe&Lil.Ceremony.9.6.14-7 Zoe&Lil.Ceremony.9.6.14-13 Zoe&Lil.Ceremony.9.6.14-38 Zoe&Lil.Ceremony.9.6.14-43 Zoe&Lil.Ceremony.9.6.14-55 Zoe&Lil.Ceremony.9.6.14-61 Zoe&Lil.Ceremony.9.6.14-63 Zoe&Lil.Ceremony.9.6.14-69 Zoe&Lil.Ceremony.9.6.14-71 Zoe&Lil.Ceremony.9.6.14-72 Zoe&Lil.Ceremony.9.6.14-83 Zoe&Lil.Post-Ceremony.9.6.14-6 Zoe&Lil.Post-Ceremony.9.6.14-14 Zoe&Lil.Post-Ceremony.9.6.14-35 Zoe&Lil.Post-Ceremony.9.6.14-58 Zoe&Lil.Portaits.9.6.14-4 Zoe&Lil.Portaits.9.6.14-15 Zoe&Lil.Portaits.9.6.14-18 Zoe&Lil.Portaits.9.6.14-20 Zoe&Lil.Portaits.9.6.14-38 Zoe&Lil.Portaits.9.6.14-58 Zoe&Lil.Portaits.9.6.14-71 Zoe&Lil.Portaits.9.6.14-76 Zoe&Lil.Portaits.9.6.14-80 Zoe&Lil.Portaits.9.6.14-81 Zoe&Lil.Portaits.9.6.14-90 Zoe&Lil.Portaits.9.6.14-91 Zoe&Lil.Portaits.9.6.14-107 Zoe&Lil.Portaits.9.6.14-112 Zoe&Lil.Portaits.9.6.14-127 Zoe&Lil.Portaits.9.6.14-141 Zoe&Lil.Portaits.9.6.14-150 Zoe&Lil.Portaits.9.6.14-152 Zoe&Lil.Portaits.9.6.14-175 Zoe&Lil.Portaits.9.6.14-206 Zoe&Lil.Portaits.9.6.14-210 Zoe&Lil.Rings.9.6.14-5 Zoe&Lil.Reception.9.6.14-1 Zoe&Lil.ReceptionPrep.9.6.14-5 Zoe&Lil.ReceptionPrep.9.6.14-6 Zoe&Lil.ReceptionPrep.9.6.14-11 Zoe&Lil.ReceptionPrep.9.6.14-13 Zoe&Lil.ReceptionPrep.9.6.14-23 Zoe&Lil.ReceptionPrep.9.6.14-40 Zoe&Lil.ReceptionPrep.9.6.14-57 Zoe&Lil.ReceptionPrep.9.6.14-66 Zoe&Lil.ReceptionPrep.9.6.14-68 Zoe&Lil.ReceptionPrep.9.6.14-72 Zoe&Lil.ReceptionPrep.9.6.14-74 Zoe&Lil.Reception.9.6.14-31 Zoe&Lil.Reception.9.6.14-34 Zoe&Lil.Reception.9.6.14-57 Zoe&Lil.Reception.9.6.14-65 Zoe&Lil.Family&GroupPortraits.9.6.14-44 Zoe&Lil.Reception.9.6.14-70 Zoe&Lil.Reception.9.6.14-78 Zoe&Lil.Reception.9.6.14-89 Zoe&Lil.Reception.9.6.14-100 Zoe&Lil.Reception.9.6.14-102 Zoe&Lil.Reception.9.6.14-116 Zoe&Lil.Reception.9.6.14-148 Zoe&Lil.Reception.9.6.14-166 Zoe&Lil.Reception.9.6.14-174 Zoe&Lil.Dancing.9.6.14-33 Zoe&Lil.Dancing.9.6.14-57 Zoe&Lil.Dancing.9.6.14-77 Zoe&Lil.Dancing.9.6.14-82 Zoe&Lil.Dancing.9.6.14-157

One of the most amazing things about being a part of this wedding was the fact the Zoe and Lil were intentional about hiring and collaborating with queer women of color and women of color vendors. I was honored to have been chosen in this intentional manner, especially since my heart is set on shooting more people of color and same-sex weddings, couples and families.

Zoe and Lil, words can’t express how much of a privilege it was to document your special day. I can’t thank you enough for trusting me whole-heartedly. My heart was filled with so much joy all day long and I hope these photos bring some of the magic of your wedding day back to life.

xoxo, cristal veronica

Ceremony Site – Golden Gate Park

Reception Venue – Stern Grove Trocadero Clubhouse

Florist – Verde SF

Caterer – Kasa Indian Eatery

Dessert – Teacake Bake Shop

DJ – Olga T



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