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vegas bachelorette party

The Vegas temperatures didn’t fail me. As a person who lives most of my life in the SF fog, I was anxious to transition from 65 degrees to 105 degrees. My hot weather clothes hadn’t made an appearance since our vacation to the Caribbean in February and I was actually excited to pack. But I was more excited to celebrate the bride, my sister Malenda, alongside 13 other friends and family.

My other sister Elisa and I had been planning this trip for a number of months, and if you’ve ever planned such an event, you have an idea of how much work it is. But we were happy to do it, and even happier that so many folks were able to join us. And while my “coordinator” hat was on for most of the weekend, I didn’t let it keep me from having fun. Days consisted of pool party time and nights included good food, dancing, and all access passes to the Palms nightclubs…well, cause we got it like that!

photo ops high above the strip

goodie bags
just one of the bedrooms in one of our two 2-bedroom suites
suite/sweet view
party bus on the way to the palms

Mal, I hope Vegas was a fun and relaxing getaway from the wedding planning stress. I certainly had an amazing time, and can hardly wait for the party to continue when you tie the knot with your sweets in November! I love you!

tu hermana



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