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valentine’s day 2013

“so love the one you hold
and I will be your gold
to have and to hold”

-Lover of the Light by Mumford & Sons

Valentine’s day is one of my favorite days of the year, thanks to my parents. My Mom has always loved this day and growing up she would give us little bags of goodies that consisted of anything from heart-shaped candies and stationary to socks and chones with hearts on them, (Yes, I said “chones”, Spanglish for underwear.) and we would get flowers from my Dad. To my parents, the day was not just about celebrating with each other, but also celebrating the love we had as a family, and thankfully that rubbed off on me.
I realize most people think Valentine’s day is nothing but a socially constructed day & I can understand that, but I’m happy to celebrate a day of love. I mean, is there anything better to celebrate?!
With most of my family further away, I’ll be celebrating the day with my wifey & our booger, Jasper. Happy Valentine’s Day, friends!

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