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malka + jenna // bay area lgbtq wedding photographer

“To say I love you is to say that you are not mine, but rather your own. To love you is to advocate for your rights, your space, your self, and to struggle with you, rather than against you, in your learning to claim your power in the world. To love you is to make love to you, and with you, whether in an exchange of glances heavy with existence in the passing of a peace we mean, in our common work or play, in our struggle for social justice, or in the ecstasy and tenderness of embrace which we believe is just and right for us- and for others in the world. To love you is to be pushed by a power/God both terrifying and comforting, to touch and be touched by you. To love you is to sing with you, cry with you, pray with you, and act with you to co-create the world. To say “I love you” means- let the revolution begin. God bless the revolution. Amen.” – Isabel Carter Heyward, “The Redemption of God”

In the midst of their wedding ceremony, Malka and Jenna were blessed with these beautiful words from their close friends, Loel and Anna. Not only is it a beautiful blessing, it is the perfect representation of how I see Malka and Jenna love each other… with hearts wide open. The blessing continued with…

“May your love for one another be a spring that propels you out into the world to create more connection, more love, more justice. May you find comfort and safety in each other’s arms when the weight of the revolution gets too much. And may you always make time to laugh, giggle, and simply delight in each other’s company, because it’s part of the revolution too.” -Loel

“Thank you for the love, kindness, and compassion you have brought to our family and to our community. May you treat each other with this same kindness and compassion, especially when you are sure the other person is wrong. May your hard times be few. But when they come, lean on your community, the many caring people you have gathered here. May your glad times be many- and when they come, may you continue to celebrate with this lovely community you have already co-created.” -Anna

The best part about Malka and Jenna’s wedding day was their intention to center it on the most important parts of who they are as a couple: love, faith, and community. From belly aching laughter, happy tears, and dancing, to emotional toasts, hugs that lingered, and pure joy, their wedding was truly a blessing to be a part of.

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Malka and Jenna, I am so grateful for your friendship, warm smiles, and loving hugs. I am also grateful that you asked me celebrate your love in this way. You have an amazing community cheering you on in this marriage journey, and I hope you know how lucky that is! Cheers to an amazing life together!

xoxo, cristal veronica



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