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“Having a place to go is
Having someone to love is
Having both is a
A few years back, we rang in the new year in one of my favorite SF bars, El Rio, with a lot of people we didn’t know, but woke up to a breakfast feast made by my sister. The rest of the day we lounged in our comfy clothes with my sisters, their boyfriends, and a couple of close friends, watching movies until we we got hungry again. Then it was off to grab take-out from In-N-Out, and resume our lazy day. It was, hands-down, one of my favorite days of all time. Starting the year with people I love is the best. And since then, we’ve made sure to begin our new year’s holidays with family and/or very close friends.
New Year’s 2012 was no different. But instead of staying in Nor Cal, we ventured to So Cal, where my wifey is from. After a great New Year’s Eve in West Hollywood with our BFF’s (yes, we still have BFF’s… Hi Linnea Dale & Shake!), New Year’s day was all about family. Church, lunch, and good quality time with those we love. So what better way to end another holiday than to capture it the best way I know how… with photos.  As the sun was setting on another great New Year’s day, we found a park nearby and took some family photos to remember the day.
I love these two photos of my wifey’s parents…
This was the first time we met Gary’s girlfriend Jennifer. Such a sweetheart!
Ever since the first time I met Shimina’s family, I have always felt a part of her family. Her mom gives me the same big hug today that she did the very first time. What a blessing it is to have not one, but two families who love us to pieces! I am so grateful.
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