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sarah + natalie // san francisco city hall wedding photographer

Thanks to Facebook and Instagram, I’ve met so many amazing bay area photographer friends, and Sarah is one of them. It feels like we’ve been friends for a long while, as we have taken an interest in celebrating each other’s hopes, dreams and daily lives through social media. We’ve been sitting in each other’s corners and cheering each other on every day, and would you believe that we’ve only seen each other in person a few times?! It’s amazing how the right people find their way into your life when you voice your passions out loud. I’m so glad Sarah is one of those people. And I’m beyond happy that I was able to be one of the few people present as she said “I Do” to her wife Natalie the second time… legally.

Ever since Sarah asked me to join her and Natalie in celebrating their legal wedding ceremony at San Francisco’s City Hall, I was excited-nervous. Excited, because shooting in City Hall is a photographer’s dream and I had been wanting to shoot there for quite some time. (The light on the fourth floor is gorgeous!) And nervous, because Sarah is an awesome photographer herself.

So obviously, I jumped at the opportunity!

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Being asked to photograph a couple on one of the biggest days of their lives is such a privilege that I hope to never take for granted.

Sarah and Natalie, thank you so very much for asking me to celebrate your marriage the best way I know how. I hope you can see how beautiful your love is in these images!


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