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ray + mel // southern california wedding photographer

Every so often you meet people who you just feel comfortable to be around. You know, the kind of people who welcome you with a hug and want you to make yourself at home when you visit? Ray and Mel are those people. I didn’t meet them until two days before their wedding, right after a road trip from SF to Southern California, wearing my comfy pants. It wasn’t a planned meeting, so I was nervous that I didn’t “look professional”, but as soon as they greeted me at the door, I felt at ease.

I spent only one weekend with them, and in that time I didn’t get a chance to learn about how they met or how they fell in love. But the way they looked at each other and held each other’s hand spoke volumes. It was clear to me that they not only feel comfortable in their love for each other, but they feel safe and more importantly, at home. 

My favorite flower is the calla lily, so naturally, these glasses made me so happy!!

Ask any wedding photographer, and they will tell you that being a solo shooter is not easy. On the drive back to SF the day after Ray & Mel said “I Do”, my sore feet reminded me how much I worked that weekend. But it wasn’t until the drive home that I realized it, because work shouldn’t be this much fun… should it?!

Ray and Mel, your day was perfect. I’m so glad the rain decided to take a break, and give the sun a chance to shine on your day. Thank you so much for welcoming me as your friend and letting me celebrate your wedding alongside you! Congratulations again!


cristal veronica

P.S. While this was only my second wedding as a solo photographer, I couldn’t have done it without the help of my wifey, Shimina. Thanks for following me around and carrying my heavy bags all day. I love you!



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