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pride 2011

June is one of my favorite months. Not just because it’s the start of summer (if fog-filled days are considered summer?!), but because it’s PRIDE month! One whole month filled with gay fun (events, film festivals, etc.), topped off with SF Pride Weekend. It’s the one month when rainbow flags find their home all the way down Market Street, and that makes my little queer heart smile.
This year, we celebrated with the usual events: Dyke March at Dolores Park on Saturday and Civic Center Pride activities on Sunday. We even caught a glimpse of the parade, which is unusual for us, since we are of the belief that if you’ve seen one parade, you’ve seen them all.
As we got ready on Saturday morning, we packed our bags with a blanket & extra layers (for that pesky fog that is bound to roll in sooner than later), stopped by Papalote for some food, and made our way to the park. Just as we started to enjoy the music, crowd, and amazing Papalote salsa, I pulled out my camera, excited to document the day. And then it hit me… I had forgotten my memory card at home. Before letting the panic take over, my girlfriend reminded me that all was not lost… iPhone to the rescue! So, I caught a few pics with my favorite app, Instagram, on Saturday, and made sure not to forget the memory card on Sunday.
We met Sajdah from The Real L Word!
Our gay celebrity meetings continued with Carmen Carrera from RuPaul’s Drag Race!  And believe me, she’s just as gorgeous in person.

I hope you all had a Happy Pride!

cristal veronica



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