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oliver + janette // san francisco engagement photographer

I’m still in awe every time someone finds me on the interwebs (vs. a friend of a friend referral, etc.) because let’s be real… I’m not the best at marketing myself and I’m still not quite sure I know what SEO is, but wow. The universe (er, interwebs) can certainly deliver. Like with these two, Oli and Janette. Not only are they super cute together, but their love shines so bright that they wouldn’t be able to contain it if they tried. Oli has perfected the art of keeping Janette laughing/smiling; and Janette is really good at keeping Oli smitten. Together, they balance each other out, making a dynamic duo.

Oli and Janette, I wish we could do this evening over because I had such a great time hanging with you two! You two compliment each other so perfectly, and I was excited to catch a glimpse of this time in your lives.


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