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ODC’s LGBTQ Night // san francisco event photographer

While event photography is not something I do much of, it’s good to get uncomfortable and try something new from time to time. So when I was asked to photograph the ODC/Dance Downtown LGBTQ Night at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theater, I was excited. With Juanita More! in attendance and Hot Cookie as one of the in-kind donors, everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, and I had a great time capturing the event.

The reception, complete with appetizers and drinks, was held right before the boulders and bones performance, which I heard was fantastic!

ODC.LGBTQReception.March2014-2 ODC.LGBTQReception.March2014-16 ODC.LGBTQReception.March2014-21 ODC.LGBTQReception.March2014-31 ODC.LGBTQReception.March2014-40 ODC.LGBTQReception.March2014-43 ODC.LGBTQReception.March2014-55 ODC.LGBTQReception.March2014-60 ODC.LGBTQReception.March2014-71 ODC.LGBTQReception.March2014-82 ODC.LGBTQReception.March2014-85 ODC.LGBTQReception.March2014-92 ODC.LGBTQReception.March2014-102 ODC.LGBTQReception.March2014-103 ODC.LGBTQReception.March2014-127

Thanks for having me, ODC! Next time, I’ll need to stay for the performance 🙂


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