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david + michael // san francisco lgbtq wedding photographer

After shooting their engagement photos in the Castro rain months before their wedding, David and Michael were comfortable being in front of the camera and used to kissing on demand whenever I asked (which I loved getting them to do). But with the immense happiness they felt on their wedding day, David and Michael didn’t need any prompting. The love they felt for each other was more than evident that day. Through every glance, embrace, touch and word. Their love brought many happy tears, and being the photographer asked to capture it all was a huge privilege.

I didn’t know that being the wedding photographer for two amazing friends would bring us even closer, but after bearing witness to David and Michael’s love in this unique way, I feel a much stronger bond with them, and words cannot express how much joy that brings me.

“fly the ocean in a silver plan

see the jungle when it’s wet with rain

just remember ’til you’re home again

you belong to me”

-Tori Amos

David and Michael, your wedding weekend was one I’ll never forget and feel so honored to have been a part of. From all the happy tears to your families welcoming Shimina and I with open hearts, it was a truly special celebration of love!


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