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my happy place // road trip vacation

It’s been almost a month since our summer vacay and all I want to do is rewind time & go back to our week of fun & relaxation. Since the wifey & I are planners (meaning, we even plan to be spontaneous… LOL), we decided to focus on relaxing, not make too many plans, and just enjoy our time away from the day-to-day. And it worked!!
We road-tripped from one end of the state to the other… from SF to Sacramento to Redding to So Cal, and back home, all with our dog (who did nothing but sleep in the car). We celebrated our friends’ almost one-year wedding anniversary and stayed in their family’s super cute bed & breakfast, visited both of our families, spent some time with our BFFs and did a lot of poolside relaxing. Our amazing friend Deb let us take over her So Cal home and pool for a week and it couldn’t have been more perfect. Stick me in the sun by a pool and a fruity drink and I am definitely in my happy place.
Here are some photos I took with the iPhone.
Although I love my city by the bay, I have never gotten used to the cold, foggy summers. So yes, I’m ready to go back.
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