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malka + jenna // bay area lgbtq engagement photographer

As soon as we set the date for their bay area engagement session, I asked Malka and Jenna if they would be willing to get up before the sun for a sunrise shoot. No questions asked, they were up for it, trusting my vision 100%. And so I began dreaming about all the pretty sunlight we’d get… until that morning.

As soon as I picked Malka and Jenna up at their Oakland home and began driving toward the hills, it was clear we wouldn’t be getting any sun, as the fog was looming without any plans of leaving. But, sun or no sun, we were still excited to spend some time together and get good photos of these two before they get married this summer.

Malka&JennaEngagement.5.16.15-2 Malka&JennaEngagement.5.16.15-3 Malka&JennaEngagement.5.16.15-9 Malka&JennaEngagement.5.16.15-16 Malka&JennaEngagement.5.16.15-18 Malka&JennaEngagement.5.16.15-22 Malka&JennaEngagement.5.16.15-25 Malka&JennaEngagement.5.16.15-30 Malka&JennaEngagement.5.16.15-31 Malka&JennaEngagement.5.16.15-32 Malka&JennaEngagement.5.16.15-34 Malka&JennaEngagement.5.16.15-39 Malka&JennaEngagement.5.16.15-41 Malka&JennaEngagement.5.16.15-57 Malka&JennaEngagement.5.16.15-61 Malka&JennaEngagement.5.16.15-63 Malka&JennaEngagement.5.16.15-65 Malka&JennaEngagement.5.16.15-68 Malka&JennaEngagement.5.16.15-69 Malka&JennaEngagement.5.16.15-70 Malka&JennaEngagement.5.16.15-74 Malka&JennaEngagement.5.16.15-76

Malka and Jenna, it has been so lovely watching your relationship grow over the years. You fit so well together and the love you share is so beautiful! Thank you for your friendship, and for trusting me to document your love in this way.


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