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john + bethany // santa cruz wedding photographer

As Danielle drove us to Santa Cruz, the weather changed about ten times. Cloudy, drizzly, slightly sunny, rainy. And even when we pulled up to the golf course where John and Bethany would become Mr. & Mrs., the wedding planner was still trying to figure out if the reception would be held outside or in. Just as soon as she checked her iPhone weather app, the drizzly rain stopped and the sun shone bright.

But even the sun wasn’t as bright as Bethany’s smile that day. When a couple is as happy as John and Bethany were on their wedding day, it’s infectious, and every one of their guests had as much fun celebrating their union as they did.

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Thanks again for letting me begin the 2013 wedding season alongside you, Danielle!

For more photos of their beautiful day, check out Danielle’s blog here.


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