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elisa + craig // guerneville wedding photographer

Fair warning – this will probably be the longest blog I ever post, but when you photograph your sister’s wedding, you take ALL the photos and do a terrible job at narrowing them down because these photos aren’t just for my sister Elisa and brother-in-law Craig. They are also for me. And for the people that I love the most.

Before you ask, yes, it was hard photographing my sister’s wedding while also being a sister (with unofficial matron-of-honor duties) and guest, and visiting with family while I’m “working”. (Marco, thanks for elbowing me while I was shooting the ceremony and reminding me to smile from behind the camera.) But looking back on these images, I’m so glad I pulled double-duty. Having an intimate relationship with the people I photograph allows me to put my whole heart into capturing memories in a way that I can’t describe. Delivering memories made 100% from love is really the BEST gift I know how to give. And I froze memories that I want to remember for always: my sister Malenda doing Elisa’s makeup (she’s an amazing¬†professional make-up artist); my Dad hugging Craig after walking Elisa down the aisle; Craig’s Mom, Francie, getting overcome with emotions during her toast; my Mom blissfully dancing to Prince, her favorite musician; and so many more. There were other perks to being a sister/guest/photographer, too… like enjoying dinner with family, drinking on the job (!), and wearing Birkenstocks with my fancy dress while shooting the ceremony (totally not planned, but should have been).

Elisa and Craig’s beautiful wedding was held at the Guerneville Lodge, and I’m so excited to share it with you all.

Also, I could not have photographed this wedding alone, and I’m forever grateful to my friend, Kayla (Kayla F. Photography) for shooting alongside me, and allowing me to be present and in the photos.

“If I go a million miles away
I’d write a letter each and every day
‘Cause honey, nothin’,
Nothin’ can ever change this love
I have for you” – Sam Cooke

Mr. & Mrs. Nash (!), I hope you know how much I love you. All the hard work in planning was worth it for the way your weekend turned out! It was a blast! As a matter of fact, I wish we could have a re-do of the amazing dance party that ended the night with me in my PJs – BEST EVER!! “From the windows to the walls…”

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