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dominique + leilani // 1st wedding anniversary shoot

Just a few days into Pride month and I’m excited to share a 1st wedding anniversary shoot with Dominique and LeiLani Reed.

Although the Reeds were nervous to be in front of the camera, their nervousness certainly didn’t translate into the photos. What did translate, however, is how much they enjoy each other’s company… They held hands, laughed out loud, and whispered meaningful “I Love You’s” while looking into each other’s eyes. In the two hours I spent with them, I could really see how happy they are to be sharing this life together.

Reed,Dominique&LeiLani5.26.14-7 Reed,Dominique&LeiLani5.26.14-10 Reed,Dominique&LeiLani5.26.14-15 Reed,Dominique&LeiLani5.26.14-18 Reed,Dominique&LeiLani5.26.14-19 Reed,Dominique&LeiLani5.26.14-22 Reed,Dominique&LeiLani5.26.14-24 Reed,Dominique&LeiLani5.26.14-25 Reed,Dominique&LeiLani5.26.14-27 Reed,Dominique&LeiLani5.26.14-29 Reed,Dominique&LeiLani5.26.14-30 Reed,Dominique&LeiLani5.26.14-33 Reed,Dominique&LeiLani5.26.14-35 Reed,Dominique&LeiLani5.26.14-38 Reed,Dominique&LeiLani5.26.14-40 Reed,Dominique&LeiLani5.26.14-45 Reed,Dominique&LeiLani5.26.14-51 Reed,Dominique&LeiLani5.26.14-55 Reed,Dominique&LeiLani5.26.14-60 Reed,Dominique&LeiLani5.26.14-62 Reed,Dominique&LeiLani5.26.14-65

Dominique & LeiLani, thank you so much for asking me to capture this special time in your lives. And cheers to the first of many more anniversaries.


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