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danielle + mckenna // san francisco couples photographer

Recently, my cousin Danielle made her way from California to Montana for a new 6-month life adventure.  In preparation for this journey, she decided to take a final weekend trip to San Francisco with her girlfriend McKenna because she loves this city so.  (I’d like to think she wanted to spend time with me, but I’m sure she was actually looking forward to breakfast at Boogaloos, and I can’t blame her.)  Naturally, she asked me to take photos of them while they were here.  Not only was I excited to do so, I was also glad to finally meet McKenna, and spend some time with Danielle one last time before her journey.

Danielle&McKenna.April2013-1 Danielle&McKenna.April2013-4 Danielle&McKenna.April2013-14 Danielle&McKenna.April2013-20 Danielle&McKenna.April2013-22 Danielle&McKenna.April2013-26 Danielle&McKenna.April2013-30 Danielle&McKenna.April2013-31 Danielle&McKenna.April2013-35 Danielle&McKenna.April2013-36 Danielle&McKenna.April2013-50 Danielle&McKenna.April2013-54 Danielle&McKenna.April2013-68 Danielle&McKenna.April2013-72



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