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2011 in pictures

It was a few days into January 2011 that I made the quick decision to take on a 365 project. Having already taken one picture every day during those first few days, I figured it would be easy. I mean, I take pictures of everything…  food I’m about to eat, places I visit, friends I hang with, random signs, the sky, my hair… you get the picture. So why not document it?

No doubt, the beginning of the project was exciting, but as time went by, I got lazy in posting on a continual basis. Often times I would post multiple days’ pictures at a time. It wasn’t easy. But I stuck to it. And I’m so happy I did. Finishing a project just plain feels good. But in addition to that sense of accomplishment, I love having this bank of memories.
2011 was a great year for me. Some highlights include taking my first cruise (in the Caribbean) with my wifey, playing around in my city by the bay whenever possible, welcoming a new fur kid, Jasper, into our family, celebrating the marriage of my sister and new brother-in-law, and eating lots of pho. But my biggest accomplishment was getting uncomfortable & growing tremendously in my photography passion.
“If you really desire to achieve something…the whole world conspires in helping you achieve it.” -Paulo Coelho
Coelho’s words couldn’t be more truthful. By putting my passion for photography out into the world, I’ve been presented with so many opportunities to develop my passion further. I found a group of photography friends to share knowledge with and photographed four weddings. FOUR!! And while most people second shoot a wedding before shooting one solo, I did just the opposite. I shot my very first wedding by myself, with absolutely no wedding photography experience, other than stalking wedding photography blogs, of course. I will be forever grateful to my friends Lara & Jennilyn who put all their trust in me and hired me to shoot their special day. To say that I will forever cherish their trust is an understatement.
There is no doubt that my photography journey has just begun and that I have oh so much work to do, but the first steps are the hardest part.
Yes, 2011 was a great year. And here are a just a few of my favorite photo memories…

my sister elisa & her boyfriend craig

my mom is a breast cancer survivor
my wifey & her mom
my sister malenda’s bachelorette party in vegas
fur kids
jasper (aka booger)
baby kacie
joy’s birthday
david, becoming lupita
powell street

aboard the ruby princess in the caribbean


lara & jennilyn, tahoe wedding
matt & jodi, livermore wedding

william & angela, oakland wedding

jack & mary kate, san francisco wedding

P.S. I got too excited looking through my 2011 pics that I failed to choose ones from my 365 project, but in case you’re interested, you can find them here.


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